Francesco Mazzoli

Skills & Competences

Programming & Software Engineering

Soft Skills

Work Experience

Jan 2017–? · Digital Asset

Working at Digital Asset building cutting edge blockchain related technologies in Haskell.

Feb 2015–Jan 2017 · FPComplete

Working at FPComplete, a company focused on bringing Haskell into the mainstream programming practice. Mostly worked on a project implementing a distributed numerical application for medical purposes. See my blog for a few articles related to this project.

Sep 2013–April 2014 · Better (ex Erudify)

Worked for 8 months as a Haskell programmer at Better, a startup producing tools for e-learning.

Most of my tasks revolved around the backend of the main product, a Haskell and TypeScript web application.

Left to pursue a PhD.

Jan–Dec 2012 · Industrial Placement at RabbitMQ

Worked at RabbitMQ, first as a contractor, then full time from April to October, and then as a contractor again as university starts.

My tasks consisted of improvements and bug fixing to the core product, an open source message broker developed in Erlang, and various other related software—mainly plugins for the broker and AMQP clients.

Jun–Sep 2011 · Internship in Software Engineering at Google

Worked on the Android Market, developing a system that enables the support team to broadcast announcements to developers, which appear on the market homepage. The announcements can be targeted at different classes of developers (different nationalities, merchant accounts, etc.).

Worked with various Google technologies, including GWT, Guice, Protocol buffers, and Megastore.

Dec 2010 ·

Website for Andrea Ciofi, architect. Implemented in Pylons and CouchDB. Visit the website:


May 2014–Dec 2014 · PhD Candidate at Chalmers University of Technology

For 7 months I was at Chalmers University, working in the programming logic group headed by Thierry Coquand. I was focusing on the implementation of dependently typed programming languages, and re-implemented a large part of the programming language Agda with the aim of understanding its performance better and simplifying the implementation.

While I retain a strong interest for type theory, I realized that I do not want to be an academic, and dropped out.

Oct 2009–Jun 2013 · MEng in Computing, Imperial College London

First class degree.

Thesis title: Bertus: Implementing Observational Equality (IBM Project Prize,

Set 2004–Jul 2009 · Esame di Stato, Liceo scientifico Augusto Righi

Overall exam result: 95%.

Personal projects

Assorted Software ·

Feb 2012–? · Technical blog

I have recently started to write articles mostly about Haskell and type theory. Available at

Aug 2010–Aug 2011 ·

Open source platform to promote young photographers, reviewing photos submitted by visitors and publishing one a day. A small team comprising of two friends and myself selects the daily photos. Implemented with Pylons and CouchDB.

Visit the website: (halted).

Achievements & University Projects

June 2013 · IBM Project Prize


Oct 2012 · Wonga Scolarship

Won a competition by Wonga directed to Masters students, with 3–5 scolarships as a prize. The competition consisted in creating a software that, given Name Surname pairs, would correct various sorts of problems, such as spelling mistakes or OCR errors.

Feb 2012 · Imperial Hackathon

Hackathon sponsored by Facebook and JPMorgan. Our 5 people team coded a Q&A system in less than 36 hours, which won the competition.

May–Jun 2011 · The IBM 2nd Year Group Project Prize


Apr 2010 · Topics in AI, Deutsche Bank Prize

References are available on request.