2016-10-17 Haskell and OpenCV: theory and practice

I was lucky enough to talk at the Haskell eXchange this year after having a lot of fun there last year. To continue on the inline-c theme, I gave a demo of the excellent OpenCV bindings that Bas and Roel van Dijk wrote.

I explained how the bindings work and then proceeded to write a few filters that worked on the live feed from my webcam, including a nice Snapchat inspired filter that replaces human eyes with nice manga eyes:

You can find the original recording of the video at https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/8991-haskell-and-opencv-theory-and-practice, the repository with the showcased code at https://github.com/bitonic/hs-cam-filter, and the slides at http://mazzo.li/assets/other/haskell-exchange-2016-slides.pdf.