A bit of infrastructure

I thought I would write a line or two about some recently acquired infrastructure.

Weeks ago, we had left our ivory tower, or rather, our beloved Livingstone tower for a gig in Oxford. Lot of fun, lot of adjunctions. But also a surprising discovery: we met some people who had pulled Epigram source code and actually looked at it. I mean, I might have pulled the code once or twice in the past, to impress girls in a Pub. But reading it…

Worse, we actually got our first bug report! Andrea Vezzosi, as a modern Dante Alighieri, braved the Inferno of She-ism (translates to “shitism” in Italian for some reason) and somehow went through the Purgatorio of Epigram’s syntax (honestly, I have no clue how he did that). Once there, Paradiso was at hand. But these damned labels were preventing the magic from happening! No mailing list, no bug tracker: no hope.

Around the same time, our counter-intelligence team reported that several Epigram agents under cover in Sweden had been busted and exposed to bursts of .45mm questions.

All in all, we came to the conclusion that, out there, there are people working harder on Epigram than we do. So, here is the kit for you to become an Epigram implementor:

If you don’t feel like becoming a modern hero (tough job, indeed), you are also welcome to come on board and have a chat with the captain.

I’m putting a rough skeleton of my PhD thesis in the repository. I’m off to Honolulu, will be back in 3 years. Keep up the good work folks!

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